THE $20 MINI SITE is a very easy way to receive a continuous flow of $20.00 INSTANT PAYMENTS directly to your Email Inbox EVERY DAY! You like $20 payments don’t you? Please continue reading to see how this simple program can FATTEN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT at the speed of light!

THE $20 MINI SITE PROGRAM: A Mini Site in it's most simplistic form is really a short sales page that offers you specific products for a small price. When you join you become an Affiliate which means that you will be paid a 100% commission on ALL sales your Mini Site makes for you! And the Mini Site model has proven over time to be a FANTASTIC way to make money!

HERE IS HOW YOU MAKE MONEY: When you join your EMAIL ADDRESS goes in position #1! As you market your Mini Site people who decide to join will pay you a HUGE 100% COMMISSION of $20! These sales can add up very fast! New members will receive a suite of Ebooks worth well over $300! All this for only $27 for life!

HOW YOU MAKE MONEY CONTINUED: Most people think that making money from the comfort of home is about volume when inviting people to look at their offers. Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s about consistency and having the right program. These two components CAN AND WILL make you a lot of money! And that’s not a bad problem to have…Wouldn’t you agree?

THE $20 MINI SITE PRODUCTS: The $20 Mini Site Administrator will send you your own personal copy of this order pulling website (A $100 Value That Includes Hosting For Life) when all monies have been received and verified. You also receive over $300 worth of Self Improvement Ebooks! The Administrator also closes ALL sales for the members! Your personal website, marketing page and product page will be emailed to the email address that you provided when you join! The website is hand created for you and can take up to 24 hours depending on when you joined!


1) Send $20 PAYPAL To The Affiliate (Product Purchase):
2) Send $7 PAYPAL To The Administrator (Website Purchase):

After you have made the payments please Copy and Paste the list above and send with "Proof Of Payment" to:  Thank you!

Earnings Disclaimer & Refund Policy:

The $20 Mini Site makes no promises or guarantees that you will make any money with our program. If you have good to excellent marketing skills we do believe you will experience a reasonable amount of financial success! We do have a strict "NO REFUND" policy. If joining The $20 Mini Site would cause a Financial Hardship to you or your family we encourage you to come back when times are better for you financially!

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